Megamind's Extended Comic Con Trailer Arrives Online

Yesterday we told you about a new, mega-long trailer for Megamind which debuted to a live audience at Comic Con. And now, like everything else that debuts there (unless you’re interested in buying comics, is there really any good reason to attend this thing anymore) it’s online.

The trailer is nearly four-minutes long and, yeah, it’s a lot of fun. It’s not very original fun though. In fact I’m pretty sure there’s not one original idea anywhere in the entire thing. It lays out the plot of the movie and the story seems like it's two parts Dr. Horrible, three parts Dr. Evil, and one part Mystery Men. Megamind’s sidekick is a fish in a bowl attached to a robot body, yeah that’s been done before too. Megamind himself is your standard, big-headed supervillain who uses gadgets. Seen that. The superhero he fights is just your standard super guy. There’s the obligatory reporter love interest. It all seems like fun, but it’s all been done.

See things you’ve seen before all over again in the new Megamind trailer embedded below:

Josh Tyler