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What’s good for Veronica Mars better be good for Melissa Joan Hart, as well. As you can see above, the one-time Sabrina the Teenage Witch wants to reunite with director Tibor for Darci's Walk of Shame, a romantic-comedy in line with Hart’s Drive Me Crazy that needs some Kickstarter love to get going.

Here’s the plot synopsis, spelled out by Hart in her Kickstarter letter to fans:
“Darci’s Walk of Shame” is the story of a woman who can’t seem to find the right guy. She’s stuck in a pattern of bad relationships and is constantly under the scrutiny of her entire extended family. When she takes a trip to a tropical resort to attend her sister’s wedding…alone, she makes a snap decision to take a risk and step outside the box and wakes up alone in a stranger’s bed, left to find her way back to her family and take a very long, confusing walk of shame in a ridiculously bright colored taffeta bridesmaid’s gown through the island paradise. Darci spends the rest of the movie trying to undo what she thinks is the biggest mistake of her life.”

The video is cute, with Hart poking fun at her Lifetime Movie of the Week rut, and her mom (kind of creepily) pimping her out for sexier, funnier scripts. They directly reference the Veronica Mars Kickstarter, and adopt an attitude of, “If they could, then why can’t we?”

Except, Hart isn’t asking fans to drink the nostalgic Kool-Aid and support her in a role they adore (like Kristen Bell did). She’d like help funding an original screenplay … just because they believe in her, and think that she should be doing better projects.

Maybe that will work. Hart and her team is looking for $2 million by Sunday, May 26. At this moment, the campaign has pulled in $30,534, but it’s early. Do you want to see Darci’s Walk of Shame with Melissa Joan Hart? The fate of the movie sort of is in your hands.