Melissa McCarthy's Voice Joins Seth Rogen's In B.O.O.(Bureau of Otherworldly Operations)

Remember the days when Melissa McCarthy was just Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls, long before she started getting Photoshopped on Hollywood movie posters? Nobody spent headline space talking about her weight back then, and the ways in which Rex Reed interprets her size. While the ridiculous subject of McCarthy’s appearance will no doubt come up again once Tammy (which she is also directing with husband Ben Falcone) is released, her newest role will take physical traits out of the equation entirely.

McCarthy is joining Seth Rogen in DreamWorks Animation’s upcoming ghostly comedy B.O.O. (Bureau of Otherworldly Operations), Deadline reports. The film is being directed by Anthony Leondis (Igor), based on his own original idea that Tom Wheeler turned into a screenplay. At one point this movie had Rogen as a ghost returning to school but has since become a completely different project.

Watts (McCarthy) is the oddball partner to Rogen’s Jackson Moss in the titular Bureau, which is a super duper secret government agency founded to keep ghosts from haunting innocent humans. The two new agents get engaged in a high stakes plot once they find out the Most Wanted Haunter, along with his ghost army, is planning on destroying B.O.O. and turning Earth into a ghoulish graveyard.

Catch McCarthy in Paul Feig’s The Heat when it hits theaters in a couple of weeks on June 28, and soon in Theodore Melfi’s St. Vincent de Van Nuys, which starts shooting this summer.

B.O.O. was pegged last year for a November 2015 release, but it’s now set for June 5, 2015.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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