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Michael Bay Bringing Cosmic Motors To The Big Screen

Michael Bay is certainly no stranger to making movies based around shiny vehicles - that was basically the impetus behind all four Transformer titles. And while the director has said that he won't be back for the inevitable Transformers 5, that doesn't mean he's done playing around with flashy cars. Enter Cosmic Motors, a new film based on an adaptation of a concept art book that Bay is now producing and shepherding to the big screen.

Cosmic Motors was written by Daniel Simon and first published back in 2007, but is only now on the fast track to become a movie, thanks to a partnership between Michael Bay and Warner Bros. Thought it's not yet clear exactly how the film will function story-wise, Kyle Ward has been brought on to pen the screenplay. His previous credits include the Robert Rodriguez-directed sequel Machete Kills, as well as the upcoming Hitman sequel Agent 47. While Simon is best known for his Cosmic Motors book, Variety notes that he has also had a good deal of success in Hollywood already, having done vehicle concept design work for movies like Joseph Kosinski's Tron Legacy and Joe Johnston's Captain America: The First Avenger (he was also a concept illustrator on Kosinski's Oblivion).

The book may sound like it's just a collection of various pieces of car art, but Simon has already created his own little fictional universe for his work. As described on the official website, Cosmic Motors is a "fantasy manufacturer of vehicles of all kinds" that exists at the center of the Galaxion galaxy, having been established in the year 8966-B. The designs first became popular because they were converting retired war machines into sleek sports cars - which in some strange way was seen as a message about peace sent through the world. Of course, just like in any sci-fi fiction "there are still remote planets with ongoing conflicts." You can see a couple examples of the artwork below, including this seriously sleek red sports car:

Cosmit Motors

This more space-ship-y looking vehicle:

Cosmit Motors

And even a pretty badass motorcycle (halfway between Batman's Batpod and a Lightcycle):

Cosmit Motors

Cosmic Motors is clearly still in very early stages of development, but it looks to have a good amount of potential within the studio system. Stay tuned for more updates.

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