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Michael Bay really is a walking, talking caricature. All the ridiculous things you might imagine he’d do, he actually does. For instance there’s Megan Fox’s audition for the first Tranformers movie. How did she get the part? Michael Bay ogled her while she washed his car.

Page Six says that Megan went to Bay’s house for her audition and, "he made her wash his Ferrari while he filmed her," reports Jason Solomons in Britain's Guardian. It sounds more like he was filming an impromptu rap video than conducting an audition. At least Bay’s honest with himself about the way he treats women in his movies. There’s little doubt that to him they’re nothing other then sex-objects, blow-up dolls on film for his and our gratification.

Megan says she doesn’t know what happened to the footage, so don’t expect to see it leaked online. I suspect it’s somewhere in Michael Bay’s basement, loaded up and ready to go should he ever want to play the whole thing back in slow motion.