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Michael Bay makes some of the biggest, brashest movies in the world, from the Transformers trilogy to Armageddon, The Rock, and Bad Boys. The man is pretty much a blockbuster machine. Sure, critics tend to cringe at his flashy—and by flashy I mean explosion-stuffed—spectacles, but guys, he doesn't care about us. He cares about you, the movie-going public who buys tickets to see his latest massively budgeted marvels.

Bay shows this devotion to you by regularly responding to movie fan outcry via his web site, where he is generally pretty unguarded about his thoughts on any uproar involving his name or works. When you were enraged by his plans for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, he begged your patience. When Hugo Weaving dismissed his work voicing Megatron in Transformers as "meaningless," a clearly wounded Bay lashed out. And most recently when rumors emerged that Transformers 4 would feature Mark Wahlberg, who stars in Bay's upcoming Pain & Gain, the outspoken director denounced it as "just a rumor." However, now Bay has taken to his personal forum to admit, he's had a change of heart:

In the age where social networking has made many moviemakers more accessible to their audiences than ever, it's been fascinating to see how individual directors handle such close contact with their fans…and haters. Whatever you may think of Bay's movies, it's impossible to argue he does strive to make good movies, clearly part of that to him means keeping up on what us—all of us—are saying about his work. He wants to make a movie you'll love, and he's wearing his heart on his sleeve about it.

What this means for Transformers 4 is hard to say at this time. But I guess if you have hopes for what you want to see, include them in comments. Maybe Bay will be inspired by you next.