Even though Dean Israelite is the director of the upcoming sci-fi drama Almanac, it’s still a Platinum Dunes feature produced by Michael Bay, and that immediately makes it a “Michael Bay movie” to anyone listening. Just like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, really. It’s especially easy to do it in this situation, since it’s Israelite’s first feature. Whether it takes the heat off of him if the film fails, or makes him a star if it succeeds, Bay’s name is still what has made this film interesting.

Well now it’s got a couple of leads to its credit, according to The Hollywood Reporter, though the independent nature of the film means these performers are of the up-and-coming variety. Jonny Weston and Sofia Black-D’Elia are both in negotiations to star in Almanac, which was written by newcomers Andrew Star and Jason Pagan.

Details are sketchy on Almanac, beyond the central concept of it being a found footage film that centers on the creation of a time machine, and someone eventually uses an almanac to their advantage, which we’ve already made the obvious comparisons to Back to the Future II.

Weston was one of the leads in last year’s Chasing Mavericks and will be in Hadley Klein’s comedy Any Tom, Dick, or Harry with Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester. Black-D’Elia, meanwhile, got her break at 17 in All My Children, and has been in MTV’s version of Skins, as well as the CW’s Gossip Girl.

Almanac will begin production this summer in Atlanta.

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