Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story Trailer

Maybe I’m just cynical, ok I’m definitely cynical, but somehow I think Michael Moore’s new movie is going to fall on deaf ears. Not just because it’s Michael Moore and there’s a large portion of the population that always tunes out when his name is mentioned, but also because America has never been stupider. People are no longer interested in information or facts, they’re mostly interested in whatever they happen to believe, which may or may not be based on reality.

In the case of Capitalism: A Love Story it may help that Moore is, perhaps surprisingly, not exactly trumpeting a liberal issue. The movie’s first full trailer is here and it asks one very simple question: Where’s our money at? Conservative or liberal, everybody wants to know that. Of course Moore seems to be slanting it to place all the blame on Bush. He’s everywhere in the trailer, the looming face of evil. And of course he’s the guy who started stealing our money but the whole thing would probably have a better chance at reaching a bipartisan audience if it spread a little blame the Democrats way as well.

So prepare to play the sheep or the goat, get riled up and angry or nod your head in savage agreement, by watching the first full trailer for Captitalism: A Love Story below:

Josh Tyler