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We're getting close a full year's distance from last spring and summer, when Fifty Shades of Grey was so ubiquitous that your mom's book club was reading it and every other girl you saw on the subway was trying to hide the fact that she had it on her Kindle. At the height of all that publicity Universal and Focus Features picked up the rights to the book… but development on the film has been curiously quiet ever since.

With writer Kelly Marcel hired to adapt the book last fall, it seems high time to hire a director and cast… and yet, not a word. If the Fifty Shades buzz is going to start dying down, it might happen soon, but not quite yet, with at least one A-list talent still expressing interest. Well, sort of. Asked by Extra point blank about rumors that she was interested in starring as the naive Anastasia Steele, Kunis employed a tricky double negative and said "I'm not disinterested." You can see it for yourself in the video below:

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Clearly that's not confirmation of anything happening one way or another, but the fact that Kunis wants to keep her name in play goes against my theory that interest in Fifty Shades is swiftly dying out. There's no word yet on when production might start or what release date they might have in mind, but seriously, they need to be moving quickly. There are no more Fifty Shades books coming to keep the fan base stoked, and before you know it, some new book trend will come along to have us asking Fifty Shades of What?
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