Mischa Barton As Supergirl

It was only last week that we uncovered the story of Superman Returns imminent sequel here. Sure, the movie isn't even done yet, but Warner Bros. has so much confidence in what Singer is doing they're breaking open their piggy banks and financing more movies preemptively.

But they aren't stopping with just Superman. Some rumors suggest they may already be planning spinoffs too. The Post Chronicle says a Supergirl movie may be in the works, and they're already looking at who to cast. Their wild rumor sources suggest that OC star Mischa Barton is at the absolute top of the Supergirl casting list.

But of course, whether anything like this happens depends entirely on how well Superman Returns does. If it tanks or barely breaks even (both of which seem unlikely), taking a risk like Supergirl wouldn't make much financial sense. The last attempt at bringing Supergirl to the silver screen back in 1984 turned into a disaster. By now, just about everyone has forgotten the movie and its star Helen Slater (pictured with Mischa to the right of this story) even existed, something Warner Bros. is probably pretty thankful for.

As for Mischa, I suppose she could pull off the look. She's hot and thus spandex ready. But can't we find someone who can be hot and act? No, I'm not talking about Scarlett Johansson. She needs to stay away from action roles. But if WB is serious about doing this, and doing it right, they should take a nice, long look at someone like Rachel McAdams instead.