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Mission Impossible 5: Who Is Underneath This Badass Mask?

Director Christopher McQuarrie, who is currently in the process of making Mission: Impossible 5, has an interesting quiz for you: can you name the actor who is sporting this surprisingly realistic mask? Hint: it's not the guy who usually wears the masks in this franchise!

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So who is this mysterious star? McQuarrie has not yet confirmed the actor's identity on his Twitter page, but we are fairly confident that we know the answer anyway. Instead of Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt, evidence suggests that this is actually Simon Pegg's Benji Dunn - who is evidently going to get his first chance to wear a mask in Mission: Impossible 5! For comparison, check out a close up on the shape of Pegg's eyes below:

Simon Pegg Closeup

If true, this little bit of trivia should absolutely delight fans, as Benji is not only a fan favorite character, but also one that really loves the high tech masks that the employees of the Impossible Missions Force get to use. Sadly, in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, his excitement to use one of these disguises was thwarted when the machine wound up breaking down on the job. This just means that Mission: Impossible 5 has the chance to feature some redemption!

Of course, the larger point here is that masks are making a comeback in Mission: Impossible 5. While I was a big fan of Brad Bird's Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, it did feel slightly off not having a sequence where a character uses one of the series' signature devices. Plus, I'm also very curious who that mask is modeled after. It weirdly looks a lot like John Malkovich.

John Malkovich Con Air

As you may have guessed, Mission: Impossible 5 is currently in production, and it will be spending most of 2015 in the editing room in advance of its set Christmas Day 2015 release date. In addition to seeing the return of Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt and Simon Pegg's Benji Dunn, it's also been promised that we will see the return of Jeremy Renner's William Brandt and Ving Rhames' Luther Stickell. Drew Pearce, best known for being a co-writer for Iron Man 3 is penning the script, and while we don't really know anything about the plot of the film just yet, we do know that it will feature some incredible stunts - like Tom Cruise crawling along the outside of an airplane while it is flying.

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