Monday Movie Memo: Zack Snyder Should NOT Direct The Justice League Of America Movie

All of a sudden, it feels like Warner Bros. and DC Comics are kicking their attempt at mounting a cinematic universe – a la rival Marvel Studios – into a higher gear.

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel 2, also known as Batman vs. Superman, is gliding through pre-production with an eye on filming in Michigan. Up-and-comer Ray Fisher has been attached to the role of Cyborg. Han Zimmer’s coming back to score the sequel. And Sunday night, the trump card fell to the table when Warner Bros. confirmed that Zack Snyder would continue on the universe and direct The Justice League of America movie once Batman vs. Superman wrapped.

There you have it. The next four years of the DC Cinematic Universe, all in the hands of one man. But is that a good idea? What if you aren’t crazy about Snyder’s vision of these classic characters? What if Man of Steel disappointed you, and you were hoping that a different filmmaker with a fresh voice could be given a crack at JLA? In today’s Monday Movie Memo, we talk about why Zack Snyder might be the wrong choice to helm the expanding Justice League of America movie… and provide an alternate choice who is star8ing Warner Bros. in the face.

In the meantime, here's the breaking news on Zack Snyder's hire.

Here's everything we know about Man of Steel 2 (aka Batman vs. Superman) to date.

And here's everything we know about the standalone Wonder Woman movie, as well.

And if you want an idea of how Zack Snyder operates on set, here’s a great behind-the-scenes clip of him toiling away on Man of Steel. Expect a LOT more of this for years to come:

Sean O'Connell
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