The Monster Squad Reboot Isn't Happening

The Monster Squad reboot is no longer happening. At least for now. We learned a few years back that Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes was planning to resurrect the underrated 1987 kid-horror/adventure/comedy, but now it seems they've abandoned the project.

"Creature stole my Twinkie."

This news come out of an interview Collider did with Platinum Dunes producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller. When asked about the status of The Monster Squad remake, Form's response was, "The Monster Squad, we're not developing anymore," to which Fuller added, "That's dead." The two went on to discuss plans to revisit Friday the 13th, which will be helmed by David Bruckner.

Talk of a Monster Squad reboot goes back years, but there haven't been a ton of updates on it, so it's not entirely surprising that the project has been shelved indefinitely, nor is it all that disappointing.

Conceptually, we're in a great era for a movie about a town being invaded by classic monsters. The challenge would likely be finding a tone and a targeted audience. Let's face facts; kids movies work differently these days. The Monster Squad existed when the novelty of a story about a group of kids saving the day was in its prime. These days, there seems to be no shortage of movies and TV shows centering on kids who are the rulers of their own universe, so who knows if kids would even be interested in a story like this.

Beyond the story, there's the tone and rating to consider. Let's not forget that The Monster Squad also existed during a time when kids said "shit" in movies, and talk of being "dorked" might come up in the dialogue.

"Doesn't count?!"

Would the reboot have aimed for nostalgia and gone dark and somewhat scary to mirror some of the tone of the original movie, targeting teens, young adults and a PG-13 rating? Or would they have cleaned it up and made it more of a PG Kidventure-style "scary" movie for families? Because it's hard to picture Dracula picking up a little girl by the face in today's version of a kid-friendly movie.

"Where you going, Rudy?" Patrick asks.

"I'm in the god damn club, aren't I?" Rudy responds, puffing on a cigarette.

Alas, we may never know what The Monster Squad reboot might have been, but we always have the original (opens in new tab) to remember fondly. Watch the trailer for the movie after the jump!

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