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When it comes to seeing Monsters, Inc. in 3D, Billy Crystal's character Mike Wazowski might be at a bit of a disadvantage. Being a monster with just one eye, I'm not sure he'd be able to appreciate the effort that Pixar put into turning the 2001 animated comedy into a 3D movie for its big rerelease into theaters this December. And it's just as well, as the glasses wouldn't fit right on him anyway, as evidenced in this poster.

Monsters, Inc features the voices of Billy Crystal and John Goodman, and follows the professional lives of two monsters, who make a living scaring children, and whose careers are put into jeopardy when a child sneaks into their world. Pixar has a prequel (Monsters University) that tells the story of how Mike and Sully became friends, set to arrive in theaters next year. But before that, we'll get to see Monsters, Inc back on the big screen and this time, in 3D.

MoviePosters.com has the poster below up for sale. It features the round and green Mike Wazowski ("Mike Wazowski!") looking surprised as he looks through one of the lenses on a pair of 3D glasses.

The expression on his face reminds me of his reaction to the Monsters, Inc commercial, when he was covered up by the Monsters Inc logo. Afterward, Sully thought he was upset over that, but Mike was just thrilled to be on TV, even if it was only for a second. So maybe his look of surprise in the above poster is his pre-reaction to being thrilled to be in 3D, even if his depth perception isn't likely to be all that great (and the glasses are clearly meant for a monster with two eyes).

Monsters, Inc returns to theaters for its 3D unveiling on December 19. Before that, Pixar also has Finding Nemo set for its 3D release September 14.

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