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More Sexy Tron 2 Casting

Tron 2. Okay, just call the damn thing Tron 2. Like Josh I have no time for this silly Tr2N or TRZ nonsense so as far as I'm concerned a good old fashioned title with a 2 after it is just fine. And like Josh earlier today I bring more casting news for the sequel to the classic 1982 sci-fi opus.

HR has announces that Olivia Wilde's Turistas co-star Beau Garrett has also been signed on as what has only been cryptically described as “a siren in the virtual world”. Siren? Are our digital characters going to start getting their freak on? Will there be lots of smutty jokes about interfacing ports? Either way it's clear the moviemakers are getting in early on digitizing lots of sexy young ass to appeal to a new generation of sex-starved geeks.

With shooting set to begin in the spring, it looks like the long-awaited follow-up will finally become more than just a grubby fanboy baiting teaser on YouTube.