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Movie Based On Michael Jackson's Thriller Is Being Shopped Around To Studios

Halloween is the perfect time to revisit the timeless and epic music video for Michael Jackson's Thriller. Directed by John Landis and featuring a voice-over from icon Vincent Price, the video is not only one of the most influential in music history, but a damn good scarefest as well. Chock full of zombies and werewolves, the fourteen minute affair works perfectly as a short film. Shame that it won't be staying that way.

Deadline reports that a film centered around the Michael Jackson song is currently being shopped around to studios. The film is set to be directed by Kenny Ortega (This Is It) and the script has been written by Jeremy Garelick (The Hangover). Fox 2000, Mandate/Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment are all interested in the property, which is a fairly low budget affair at only $50 million. According to the article, the film will center on "the song's folklore, involving Vincent Price and the town he grew up in." Rod Temperton, who wrote the song, is also involved with the dealings.

I honestly can't make heads or tails of this story. While I could somewhat understand if they wanted to turn the music video into a feature (though that's a terrible idea as well), what does the hell does anything have to do with Vincent Price's hometown? As for the "folklore," is the song going to become the music equivalent of The Ring? Is Michael Jackson going to come back from the dead to haunt/kill those that that listens to the tune? The whole thing stinks of people still trying to capitalize on Jackson's death and it's despicable.

And because I love you all, Happy Halloween:

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