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Mysterious Indiana Jones Hats Invade Cities

If you’ve been walking around Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, or San Francisco today, then you may have seen something strange. Indiana Jones hats have been popping up all over these four cities, spotted hanging precariously off fences, on benches, and even on the heads of the homeless. CB reader Vicky Simmons snapped the pictures you’ll see below all of my blather, around Bedford Ave. in Brooklyn.

What’s going on? Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull hits DVD today, and it you’d think that someone has been out and engaged in a viral promotion for the DVD. But that’s not the case. It seems the hats are part of a viral promotion, but not for the DVD, rather some website called Zoomdoggle where they’ve dedicated their lives to viralizing their web address with fun teams.

The upshot here though is that if you find one, you get a free hat. They’re yours, to take, and they look pretty sweet. If nothing else, they’re going a long way to class up the homeless populations of America’s cities. Check out the pics sent to us by Vicky below: