When Suicide Squad hits theaters in August 2016, it’s going to feature a cast full of villains, government figures and even a certain vigilante from Gotham City. It’s one of these characters that director David Ayer seemingly teased last night on social media, and while their identity is a mystery, this person is armed and ready for battle:

Ayer Tweeted this photo of a silhouetted individual on the Suicide Squad set. While the person’s features can’t be made out, what is clear is that they’re wearing a baseball cap and holding some kind of assault rifle. It also looks like they might be wearing headphones, similar in size to ones you might wear at a gun range to block the booming noises. Ayer isn’t saying who this person is, but we have a few guesses of our own.

Although he hasn’t been officially announced, it’s been heavily rumored for several months that Deathstroke is appearing in Suicide Squad, with one report saying that this is who Jim Parrack is playing. Deathstroke is a talented mercenary who relies on various weapons to take out enemies, so an assault rifle would be just one tool in his massive arsenal. That said, chances are that if this is Slade Wilson, it’s him out of costume. The cap and headphones wouldn’t go well with his famed orange and black mask.

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