Watch Will Smith's Deadshot Make A Smooth Getaway On Suicide Squad Set

The Suicide Squad movie was supposed to be finished with its public filming on the streets of Toronto. Apparently that’s not quite the case. Just when we thought we had seen everything we were going to see, it looks like we have a little more.

A lucky user on Instagram snapped the following short video showing Deadshot repelling down a building, then speeding away under cover in the back of a pickup truck:

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This is the first time we’ve seen the full Deadshot costume in public. The mask of course makes it impossible to tell if we’re actually seeing The Fresh Prince repel down the wall or if it’s a stunt double. We’re holding out hope it’s Will Smith himself, as having the actors do the work themselves is always fun to see. It’s some pretty nice work regardless. Seven floors of decent and he only hits the wall once. Well done.

Suicide Squad had been doing a lot of very public filming in Toronto recently which led to a lot of very major plot details becoming public knowledge. From Batman holding on to a speeding car to the Batmobile itself, we’ve seen some good stuff already thanks to fans and technology. Director David Ayer had said that filming was going dark now and that public filming, and spoilers, were done. Apparently he wasn’t counting Deadshot dropping off a building in the middle of the afternoon.

Having said that this scene doesn’t give us much, if anything, regarding the story itself. It appears to show Deadshot escaping a building, maybe during a heist of some kind. We know he’s working with "somebody" as they’re driving the truck. Other fan shots from the scene show that Deadshot is hiding from the Gotham City Police:

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What did he steal? Is this scene early, or late in the film? Is this right before he gets recruited into the Squad, or does Amanda Waller need him to work against the cops? Since even the basic plot of the film is still under wraps we really have no idea what we’re looking at.

Questions will be answered next summer, or at some point sooner if we get any significant script leaks.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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