One Suicide Squad Member Is Going To Have This Badass Weapon

If there’s one thing we know about Warner Bros’ upcoming film Suicide Squad, it’s that it will be action-packed! Two weeks ago, director David Ayer showed a few of the weapons that the Squad members will use during the film, and now he’s teased a more destructive device that will blaze through all their enemies. It will light up the competition! Okay, bad puns aside, we now know that one of the team will be wielding a flamethrower during at least one part of the film.

Taking to Twitter again, Ayer posted this photo of a member of the Suicide Squad crew testing out a flamethrower. That thing certainly looks like it packs a punch! The Geneva Convention may have banned the use of flamethrowers in warfare, but the Suicide Squad isn’t known for adhering closely to laws or protocol, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Amanda Waller pulled some strings to secure this equipment. If shooting flames is what it takes to get the job done, so be it.

As for picking out exactly who will use the weapon, let’s look at who our Suicide Squad lineup is for the film: Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Rick Flag and Enchantress. Assuming that the DCCU’s Enchantress is like her comic book incarnation, she can be ruled out since she’ll just rely on magic. Captain Boomerang won’t need it since his trademark weapon is part of his frickin’ name! Deadshot primarily uses firearms and explosives, so it’s hard to picture him out in the field setting people ablaze. The same goes for Rick Flag, who, being a military man, will likely rely on more standard weaponry in the field, although don’t be surprised if he’s been trained to use it.

That makes the likely candidate Harley Quinn. After all, this is a woman who takes joy in harming others. Of all the team members, she would get the biggest kick out of blasting fire out in the open. If she’s the one using it, the biggest challenge will be Flag or a teammate making sure that she doesn’t go overboard with it and start setting everything in her sight on fire. We don’t want her to get overexcited like Heat Wave does with his incendiary weapon on The Flash TV series. The only thing worse than Harley getting ahold of a flamethrower is Joker getting a hold of one. If that weapon falls into the Clown Prince of Crime’s hands during an escape attempt, everyone around him is screwed, and he’ll probably make a morbid joke about them being overcooked.

Suicide Squad will be released in theaters on August 5, 2016.

Adam Holmes
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