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While everyone was quite bummed when Nathan Fillion didn't take the stage as Ant-Man at the Marvel panel this past Saturday at Comic Con, it's hard to feel too sorry for him. After all, Super looked fantastic, he was surrounded by a legion of browncoats (that's Firefly fans for those not in the know), and, in many ways, he just awesome. Because of his popularity, he never seems to be out of work for too long and now it looks like he's close to another gig.

Movie Hole caught up with Drive Angry 3D director Patrick Lussier this weekend at Comic Con and discussed Lussier's next project, a film titled Condition Dead, based on a script by movie blogger Dave Davis of JoBlo. Falling in the horror/action genre, the film follows a special government organization tasked to control the dead rising from the grave, and Fillion is being heavily considered for a role.
There's great parts in it, we're talking about getting Nathan Fillion for one of those parts depending on his availability; there's a couple of parts he'd be great for so we'll have to see how it goes.

The issue of the actor's availability likely has something to do with Fillion's commitments to the television show Castle, but is there a fan alive who wouldn't be willing to forsake a season of that show to watch Fillion blow away some zombies? They don't have to write him out completely, perhaps just put Richard Castle in a coma for most of the season and fill gaps with archive footage. It would be worth it.

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