Nathan Fillion Wants To Be The Greatest American Hero

Nathan Fillion, while having a large cult fanbase and steady work, hasn’t had the greatest run of luck: three television shows in which he has starred (Two Guys and a Girl, Drive, Firefly) were cancelled, his current show (Castle) is constantly rumored to be in jeopardy, and despite a large fan push (see here), he was passed over for the role of Green Lantern by not only a former co-star, but one who already has a superhero franchise growing.

Evidently not wanting to be the proverbial kid on the playground who curls into a ball when getting bullied, however, Fillion recently revealed in an interview with IFC that he is still pushing for a superhero franchise – a redo of The Greatest American Hero.

“With the technology we have available today for effects, I'd say it's largely the same idea, the same story, but the suit would be able to change and morph into whatever it is you needed him to do. So it could become armor, a scuba suit -- you could do that stuff.”

Fillion has already had contact with both original series stars William Katt and Robert Culp, and it's a strange project to say the least-- the theme song is probably more well known than the show these days. It's also unclear whether or not he's gunning for a TV show remake or a feature film. But you have to admire the guy's drive, if not feel sorry for him a little bit. After all, this is apparently his dream job.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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