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On Sunday we'll finally learn the fate of Jesse Pinkman, who has been played so memorably all these years on Breaking Bad by Aaron Paul, and odds are it's not going to be a happy ending no matter what. But if you want a way to cope, just pretend that's Jesse outgunning the cops and kissing a pretty girl in this first trailer for Need for Speed, which debuted at Apple. You can watch it above or at Apple in HD.

An adaptation of the endlessly successful video game franchise, Need for Speed casts Paul as a street racer who is sprung from prison (from a crime he didn't commit, of course) and on a quest for vengeance. And thank God it's an actor as talented and likable as Paul in the lead role, because otherwise it would be impossible to think anything but the cars-- and the spectacular ways they crash together-- were the film's star. Yes, he's the human driving most of the cars, on a cross-country trip to a road race in Los Angeles that (somehow) will help clear his name and earn revenge. But as good as Paul is at looking determined, anguished or angry depending on the circumstances, this trailer-- and the entire movie, let's be honest-- is about the cars and how many of them flip over. And maybe that's not a bad thing?

In this trailer you can get brief glimpses of some other cast members, including Imogen Poots as a car mechanic who joins Paul's character on the cross-country journey, and Dominic Cooper as the guy who soups up race cars and who, let's just speculate, might not be that nice of a guy (that sure looks like his face that Aaron Paul is punching, and I haven't seem him hit a dude that hard since he last attacked Walter White). The film is directed by Scott Waugh, who made last year's surprise hit Act of Valor, a highly authentic you-are-there approach to a war movie that starred actual soldiers. That visceral filmmaking will help set Need For Speed apart from other car movies like the recent Rush and the Fast franchise, and the simple plot with a complete lack of mythology might help it achieve what's seemed impossible-- a video game adaptation that's actually good.

Below you can check out a behind-the-scenes look at the film with even more car crashes, or you can wait and see the film for yourself when it arrives March 14 next year.

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