French director Louis Leterrier has been tearing it up Stateside, helming action-thrillers like the Jason Statham vehicle Transporters 2, the supersized superhero adventure The Incredible Hulk, and the 2010 fantasy epic Clash of the Titans. But with the action-comedy Now You See Me he caught the eye of none other than Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen. Variety reports the pair are now teaming up for an espionage comedy called Grimsby.

The project centers on a British black ops agent who is forced to team up with his long lost brother--a northern English soccer hooligan--and go underground. No further details--including which part Cohen might play--are being revealed at present.

Cohen and Phil Johnston successfully pitched Grimsby to Paramount Pictures last August. Since then, Cohen, who will likely produce and star, has been taking meetings with various directors to figure out who'd be right for this project, which blends high-paced action sequences with the iconoclastic comedian's trademark brand of wild humor. It seems in Leterrier Cohen found just what he wanted. For his part, Leterrier is said to have been doggedly pursuing this gig, and who could blame him? Sure, The Dictator was a misstep, but Cohen is a comedian the world never ignores.

At this time it's unclear when Grimsby might roll into production. With Cohen recently dropping out of the proposed Freddie Mercury biopic, however, it seems his schedule is open. Leterrier, on the other hand, is lined up to helm the sequel to the magicians gone wild action-comedy Now You See Me. The $75 million film which starred Jesse Eisenberg and Mrs. Cohen (Isla Fisher) won little critical love, but thrived at the box office, pulling in more than $351 million worldwide.

Presumably, Summit Entertainment is eager to get rolling on Now You See Me 2, but with the screenplay only in the early stages of development, Leterrier has previously suggested he might helm another project in the meantime. That could well be Grimsby, or perhaps the sci-fi thriller G which has curiously been described as "The Day After Tomorrow meets Taken. While we wait to see how Leterrier's schedule shakes out, why don't you weigh in on this collaboration. Check out the trailers for the filmmaker and star's latest comedies below, and then vote in our poll.

Are Sacha Baron Cohen and Louis Leterrier a dream team for action-comedy?

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