After playing teenager Finn Hudson on Glee for four years, Cory Monteith finally seemed ready to move on to roles more suited to his actual 31 years… until, of course, his life and career were cut short by his death in July. In addition to planning to return for another season of Glee Monteith had filmed two movies in his native Canada, and though the conclusion of Finn's story on Glee will happen without him, Monteith's final film roles are both preparing to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival this week. The first of them, McCanick, has him as a felon on the run, but the other one, All The Wrong Reasons, puts him in a role much more realistic-- and more similar to the grown-up life he never got to have.

In the trailer for All The Wrong Reasons above, which premiered at Entertainment Weekly, Monteith is instantly, believably adult as the regional manager of a department store, whose young marriage is already in trouble. His wife (Karine Vanasse) works the security cameras at the store and, in a probably too-neat bit of synchronicity, is struggling with intimacy issues-- she sees the world through the cameras but can't connect in person, get it? Both husband and wife start seeking intimacy elsewhere, he with a single mom cashier (Emily Hampshire) at the store and she with an injured firefighter (Kevin Zegers) now working as a store detective.

The first feature from Canadian director Gia Milani, All The Wrong Reasons looks, let's be honest, a little derivative. But Monteith had plenty of fans from his Glee days who must be eager to see what he could do when not wearing that football letterman's jacket, and sadly enough, this indie is now likely to get much more attention now that one of its stars has passed away. There's no information about a release date for All The Wrong Reasons, but Monteith's presence will certainly be felt in the upcoming season of Glee, which creator Ryan Murphy promises will be more of a "celebration of the character's life" than a drama about how Finn the character dies. Aside from revealing that the character won't die of a drug overdose the way Monteith did, Murphy has kept mum on the details-- which means fans may not have closure on the character, or Monteith's death in real life, until the memorial episode airs in early October.

For something very different from both Glee and All The Wrong Reasons, check out Monteith in the trailer for McCanick below:

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