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Hollywood’s next exercise in telephone terror is also another Japanese horror remake. One Missed Call is coming to a theater near you in January, and it’s bringing with it Ed Burns and Shannon Sossaman. Yeah, I’d forgotten she existed too.

In One Missed Call, people get creepy cell phone messages in which they hear their own deaths. Much like in The Ring, a few days later they end up dead.

I really don’t get this strange, inborn fear filmmakers seem to think we have of our telephones. There are a lot of things in this world that scare me: terrorists, people who own pitbulls, that guy who works at the Subway and looks like Steve Buscemi’s even creepier older brother… but not my cell phone. Maybe I need scarier ring tones?

Warners has just released the first trailer for One Missed Call onto the internet. Watch the embed below or watch it in high-res here.