Operation Kino 111: Apologizing For Armageddon And Falling Back In Love With Tribeca

This week we are shocked and horrified to learn that Michael Bay apologized on behalf of Armageddon, and aim to set the record straight on its greatness. Katey talks about her experience at the Indie Grits Film Festival, David is feeling more optimistic than ever about the Tribeca Film Festival, and we ask for your help in supporting our friend Ed Douglas in his fight against cancer.

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Links to some of the short films that Katey mentioned from Indie Grits: Alan Spearman's "April" (opens in new tab) and "As I Am." (opens in new tab) Danny Madden's Euphonia (opens in new tab). Robert Hillyer Barnett's "Holy God Holy Mighty Holy Immortal Have Mercy Upon Us." (opens in new tab)

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00:00-00:30 Lightning Round

2:15 - 11:08 Katey's tidbit: The Indie Grits Film Festival

11:30 - 23:36 David's tidbit: The Tribeca Film Festival finds its footing

23:48 - 26:19 Mini-segment: Help Ed Douglas fight cancer

27:05 - 39:35 Michael Bay, Armagedon, and why directors should never apologize

39:44 - 1:03:56 Goodbye!

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