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Optimus Prime Has Lips

I’m really the wrong person to be reporting this, since I’m not a huge Transformers fan. In fact, I already think the movie looks downright disappointing based on the trailers I’ve seen. I think die hard fans are about ready to picket the production facilities involved, and this might throw them over the edge.

There’s another trailer making the rounds of the Internet (illicitly, of course) which is similar to the current trailer but features one key piece of new footage: Optimus Prime speaks.

Remember when everyone was going nuts about Peter Cullen returning to voice Optimus Prime? Well, now you get to hear him speak. That’s the good news. The bad news: Optimus Prime has lips. Yes, somehow this walking, talking machine somehow has wound up with humanesque lips.

The trailer is being pulled down almost as rapidly as it’s going up, so you can try to check it out at the link below. If that fails, I’ve captured two frames from the trailer showing O.P.’s newfound lips at the end of the story.

Click here see the footage (assuming it’s still there)

Optimus Prime has lips: