Boy, I can’t remember the last time Hollywood produced an ensemble crime flick that used a house pet as the catalyst for its web of trouble. Oh wait, yes I can. It was last year’s Seven Psychopaths. But there’s always room for another one, right? What if this film involved a cat?

Coming Soon reports Myriad Pictures is in deep negotiations to bring in director Stefan Ruzowitzky for the upcoming noir mystery Caught Stealing. Ruzowitzky won an Academy Award in 2007 for Best Foreign Language Film for his WWII drama The Counterfeiters and followed it up with the children’s’ film Lily the Witch and 2012’s average crime drama Deadfall. It is worth mentioning that he was also responsible for the Matt LeBlanc/Eddie Izzard “soldiers in drag” comedy All the Queen’s Men. If anything, this all proves that the man cannot be typecast.

He’ll be directing the already attached Patrick Wilson (Young Adult) and Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) in this adaptation of the first in Charlie Huston’s Henry “Hank” Thompson trilogy of novels, from a screenplay written by David Hayter (Watchmen, X2: X-Men United). It will be interesting to see Hayter’s take on something that doesn’t include superheroes or the Rock with long hair. (He also wrote The Scorpion King.)

In Caught Stealing, Wilson play Hank Thompson, a bartender and former baseball player who agrees to take care of a neighbor’s cat without realizing that the cat’s cage contains a key that will soon find Hank harassed by a sadistic cop (Baldwin), Russian mobsters, psychotic brothers, and a Samoan hit man. Considering Charlie Huston’s work is like a distant cousin of Elmore Leonard’s, expect some dark humor mixed into all the mystery. It shouldn’t be long before this zany group of villains gets cast, so stay curious, but not too curious, since you know how that cat ended up.

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