Our Hawkeye And Black Widow In Iron Man 2 Scoop Confirmed

This morning seems full of wild superhero movie rumors, but there’s at least one bit of superhero gossip floating around out there which we can confirm. Earlier in the year we told you here that the characters of Hawkeye and Black Widow would be in Iron Man 2. Now Latino Review is reporting the same and since they don’t mention our scoop in their story, we presume this means they got their info from other, independent sources.

In fact their sources tell them that what we thought would only be a cameo for these characters may in fact be much more. We can’t confirm that aspect of their story, but it’s starting to look pretty likely that one way or another that both Hawkeye and Black Widow will be in there when the second Iron Man hits theaters.

Also in LR’s list of Iron Man rumors, they claim that Tim Robbins may show up for a cameo as Howard Stark. The role would have him in a flashback, which would somehow introduce us to Captain America and set up the Avengers films. In the first Iron Man film Howard Stark, Tony’s father, was played by Gerard Sanders. But word is that Favreau wasn’t a fan of his performance and doesn’t believe he could carry an important scene.

Josh Tyler