Pacific Clipper Tale Comes To Theaters

Fox is uncovering an interesting, little known part of history. They’ve greenlit a movie about the “Pacific Clipper” with William Wisher to write and produce. Wisher knows action – he wrote the script for Terminator 2: Judgment Day and, more recently, is one of the producers behind Live Free or Die Hard.

The film will be called Escape of the Pacific Clipper and it’s a story I’ve never heard of before, but sounds like it could make quite the action flick. The “Pacific Clipper” was a Boeing B-314 that was dropping passengers off in New Zealand when the Pearl Harbor bombing took place. The crew was ordered to take the plane to Hong Kong, which was overrun with the Japanese. They then had to fly a secret mission around the world, avoiding the Japanese and Nazis, to avoid the ship design falling into enemy hands.

Sounds like quite a tale, eh? And, while I’m sure some embellishments will have to be made for a cinematic depiction, the story sounds like it has enough action already built in. It’ll be interesting to see what someone well versed in action movies like Wisher will be able to do with it. Apparently he’s the right guy for the job, though. Variety reports that Fox has been trying to find a way to tell the story of the “Pacific Clipper” for some time now and feel that Wisher has made the story “accessible.”