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Fans of the giant robot vs. giant monster movie Pacific Rim have been waiting for a sequel for quite some time. The film was a worldwide hit and so a sequel seemed very likely. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until the movie seemed to crash into a wall last September. The words "halted indefinitely" were used back then so things weren’t looking all that grand. Fans should not lose hope, however, as Guillermo del Toro wants everybody to know that the movie is going forward and he’s not going anywhere.

So on the plus side, apparently Pacific Rim 2, which, last we heard was being called Maelstrom, is alive and well and still going to happen. However, can we talk about "one way or another?" What exactly does that mean? It is not a phrase that fills one with confidence. Was there ever a possibility that he wouldn’t be working on it? Might the movie move forward, but without him? It’s possible that del Toro simply means that he will continue to try and get the movie made regardless of what roadblocks may continue to appear. However, the phrasing of the tweet makes it sound like his actual role in making the movie may be changing. Might he simply produce the film rather than direct? There’s been no indication that his direction was an issue but who the hell knows?

The last thing we heard about the movie was when del Toro submitted the budget for it back in October. At the time, he didn’t seem entirely confident that he’d ever hear anything, which certainly gave the impression that the movie was in trouble.

The entire situation seems to have gone pear-shaped very quickly. Only a couple of months before everything hit the skids on Pacific Rim 2, there was talk that Legendary pictures might even be willing to give Guillermo del Toro the money to make the elusive Hellboy 3 if the Pacific sequel was successful enough. A statement like that gives the impression that all the eggs were in one basket. Now we’re left to question how many eggs there really are, or if the basket even exists.

So Pacific Rim is not dead, but it’s exact state is still not clear. How do you like your chances of seeing robots and Kaiju beating the hell out of each other again on the big screen?