This weekend's box office went to American Sniper hands down. But besides that film there was one other triumph that graced the screens of cinemas nation wide. I'm talking, of course, about Paddington: a film that pleases children but also gives adults something to think about and laugh about.

Adults have been coming out of screenings of Paddington absolutely charmed, in no small part thanks to Ben Whishaw's terrific performance as the Peruvian bear. But what also generates appeal with adults is the fact that the humor and drama transcend what a mere children's film can do. For instance, Mr. Gruber's story about escaping Germany during World War II is a good example of where the film could have just said that Gruber was sent away, just like Paddington. With the added detail, the film becomes more relatable on a historical level.

Which got me to thinking, what other kids movies out there have been runaway hits for adults as well? You'd think it'd be hard to fill a list of ten other films besides Paddington that cross the kid/parent boundary, but thanks to the list below, you'd be wrong.

Stuart Little
Stuart Little is a film about adoption, a subject that's about as easy to talk to children about as childbirth. Yet the 1999 film manages to explain the core concept of adoption in a way that makes it easier for parents to talk to their children about. While the kids are focusing on the storyline of George and his brother Stuart, parents can follow the plot of Eleanor and Fredrick, the Little parents who just hope their sons can get along and live like a family. For kids, Stuart Little is about accepting your new sibling into the family; but for adults, it's about waiting for that beautiful moment when your children become inseparable.

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