Babe Star James Cromwell Arrested For Yelling At People About Cat Torture

Academy Award nominated actor James Cromwell has long been known for his outspoken opinions on animal rights, but this morning, the Babe and LA Confidential star took his protests to a whole new level when he was voluntarily arrested inside a board meeting at the University of Wisconsin. The actor and a spokesman for PETA named Jeremy Beckham were on campus to try and draw attention to a group of thirty cats they claim are being starved for medical research, and thanks to the involvement of the police, they certainly seem to have done that.

The incident in question occurred this morning during a University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents meeting. Everything was progressing smoothly when Cromwell and Beckham suddenly burst in holding signs depicting a cat with metal implanted in its head. They shouted about cruelty for a bit and were pretty quickly hauled out by security.

According to TMZ, PETA has long claimed the University of Wisconsin’s Madison lab intentionally starves, deafens and later decapitates cats in order to perform hearing-related research. Recently, the USDA investigated the allegations, but they cleared the University of any wrongdoing. Obviously, that didn’t sit well with PETA whose members are still convinced shady, unethical things are going on behind closed doors.

Given no one was injured and the board meeting simply picked up after the men were taken out, it’s unlikely either Cromwell or Beckham will be looking at any kind of serious punishment, but we’ll let you know if anything more than a slap on the wrist happens.

Mack Rawden
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