Day 4 of the Olympics was a good one for Team USA, with numerous swimming victories as well as the girls gymnastics team pulling off a gold medal for their efforts. While their achievements on the mat were impressive, the zombie featured in ParaNorman's Olympics-themed TV spot may give them a run for their money in terms of form and limb control.

You wouldn't think gymnastics would be the sport of the undead, what with their decomposing corpses and such, but the Olympics are often an opportunity for people to show what they can do with the right dedication and focus, and that appears to be the case for this ParaNorman zombie. If you've been watching the Olympics, you may have already seen this TV spot airing between actual events. If not, it's worth a look and a chuckle.

He stuck the landing... but he forgot an arm.

My excitement for ParaNorman started when the trailer arrived, and greatly increased when I attended the panel at Comic Con in San Diego. Not only does the 3d stop-motion movie about a boy who can speak with the dead include a great voice cast, which includes Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Anna Kendrick, Casey Affleck, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Leslie Mann, but it was actually described at the panel as "John Carpenter meets John Hughes." It seems they're aiming to combine funny with scary (references to movies like Gremlins and Ghostbusters were made). Needless to say, my interest is piqued. Combined with my recent obsession with the Olympics and appreciation of zombie-humor (thanks Shaun of the Dead), I loved the above video and can't wait for ParaNorman to arrive in theaters in a few weeks (August 17).

More information on ParaNorman can be found in our Blend Film Database.

There's also a great Wreck-It Ralph spot worth checking out.

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