Be Part Of Amber Heard's Coming Out Party With New And Soon The Darkness Images

Never the kind of studio to pass up a good marketing opportunity, Anchor Bay has just released the first batch of images from the upcoming horror movie And Soon The Darkness. It’s probably not a coincidence that the images arrived in my inbox a few hours after the film’s star Amber Heard announced that she’s gay, and subsequently unveiled her long time girlfriend Tasya van Ree. Good for her and good for us really, because And Soon the Darkness looks better than your average throwaway horror movie.

It’s more than just a cool title. The cast is pretty stellar. Always underrated actor Karl Urban co-stars with the also frequently underrated Heard as a mysterious figure who may or may not be responsible for her troubles. The movie itself is about two American girls who go vacationing in South America. They take a nap on the beach and when Amber Heard’s character wakes up, her friend is gone. Suspecting kidnapping she goes looking for help and finds a mystery instead.

I’ve dropped a few of the new And Soon the Darkness images below. To see our complete gallery of high-res stills just click here.

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Josh Tyler