Patrick Dempsey Stopping A Bank Robbery In The Name Of Love

Here I thought Patrick Dempsey had pretty much found his niche as the floppy-haired, totally unthreatening romantic lead in Grey's Anatomy or Maid of Honor or even going back to Sweet Home Alabama (though he got tossed over in favor of Josh Lucas in that one). But apparently Dempsey will not stop until Hollywood lets him be a straight-up action hero.

In Flypaper, an action comedy written by The Hangover dues John Lucas and Scott Moore, Dempsey plays a guy who somehow winds up in a bank that's being robbed by two separate gangs at the same time. And, of course, also inside that bank is a teller who Dempsey loves, so he springs into action not so much to be a hero, but for the sake of romance. Maybe this isn't so far from his usual soppy romantic heroes after all. According to Variety Rob Minkoff, who previously made the martial arts fantasy The Forbidden Kingdom as well as, er, The Haunted Mansion, will start directing the film in June.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend