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What’ll Patrick Stewart be doing after the breakdown of society? He could be driving down the Fury Road. A reader emailed AICN claiming to have spoken with Stewart in Sydney, where he hinted around the he could be involved in George Miller’s upcoming Mad Max sequel.

Their story claims that when asked by a fan if he’d like to do a movie in Australia, Stewart responded that he may be back there soon to film a movie with George Miller. That leaves a few different possibilities open. Miller’s currently working on Mad Max: Fury Road, a sequel to Happy Feet, and at some point he’s supposed to be doing a take on The Odyssey. The Odyssey though, is still a long way off if it’s really happening at all, and Stewart confirmed that it wasn’t Happy Feet 2 he was talking about. That only leaves Mad Max, which has been casting furiously for several weeks now.

Wait for some sort of official confirmation before you submit Patrick’s name to Fury Road’s IMDB page, but he’d be a great addition to the Mad Max universe. George, make it so

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