Want to know a great way to get me interested in a movie? Tell me that Alec Baldwin plans to play a sadistic cop. And that's exactly what the upcoming noir thriller Caught Stealing promises to do. It has been announced at the Toronto International Film Festival that both Baldwin and Patrick Wilson have signed on for the project, which is based on the novel by Charlie Huston. The book is the first in a set of three called The Henry Thompson Trilogy.

According to THR, Wilson will star as Thompson, a character descibed as being "once a hotshot high school baseball prospect, turned unlucky alcoholic, going-nowhere bartender." While living an exceedingly dull and awful life, however, he suddenly finds himself caught up in something huge when he learns that the cat that he is taking care of for his neighbor has a secret hidden in its cage. Hank suddenly finds himself in possession of a very special key that many are looking for, including "a sadistic cop (Baldwin), Russian mobsters, a Samoan hit man, and a pair of psycho brothers who dress in leather gear."

The project is being produced by Lost Rhino Films and Myriad, and the companies are currently meeting with potential directors. Said producer Kirk D'Amico about the project, "Caught Stealing is, first and foremost, a great script. It is a wrong-man plot worthy of Hitchcock, and a brilliant adaption of the first book of the Henry Thompson trilogy. I look forward to seeing the story come to life on screen."

The trade doesn't say when the project will go into production.

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