Paul Dano Joins Jon Heder In For Ellen

I'm hoping that at some point during this year's Sundance Film Festival (staring Thursday, woo woo!) I'll be able to catch up with Paul Dano, who'll be there representing the New York-based comedy The Extra Man. Ever since holding his own against Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood Dano has chosen roles in tiny indies like Extra Man and Gigantic, and apparently shows no signs of stopping-- Variety is reporting that he'll star for director So Yong Kim in For Ellen.

Dano will play a "struggling indie rocker" (indie cliche #1 alert) who winds up stranded in a small Midwestern town (indie cliche #2) and befriends a character played by Jon Heder (we've reached the cliche trifecta!) Kim, whose Treeless Mountain was a critical hit last year, will be directing her own screenplay, which I'm hoping is a lot less hackneyed in execution than it sounds from the basic plot outline. What it really sounds like, though, is your classic Sundance movie. Over/under bet on the odds of seeing Dano in Park City in 2011 as well?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend