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Paul Giamatti Playing Brian Wilson's Therapist In Beach Boys Biopic

Two Beach Boys biopics are bulldozing their way through pre-production in a bit of a melodic race to reach theaters first. In that sense, the planned Love & Mercy took a lead today by adding another recognizable name to it’s already impressive ensemble.

Paul Giamatti, according to The Wrap, has landed the role of Dr. Eugene Landy in Bill Pohlad’s Brian Wilson biopic. Landy was Wilson’s therapist, a controversial figure who is believed to have exploited Wilson in an effort to control the singer-songwriter’s drug addiction. His process – which involved 24-hour therapy sessions that controlled every aspect of Wilson’s existence – earned Landy the nickname “Doctor Feelgood” … and eventually cost him his medical license.

Right now, Pohlad plans to begin filming Love & Mercy over the summer. He already has cast Paul Dano and John Cusack as Wilson in different stages of his life. It’s expected to be as much a Beach Boys story as it is a Wilson story, with an emphasis on the musical genius who pioneered the California beach-pop outfit over the years. Wilson’s relationship with Landy alone could fuel a fascinating movie … and I’m shocked no one has gone down that road already. The doctor took over as Wilson’s manager for years, violating a code of conduct between therapist and subject. Giamatti and Cusack could have a field day exploring this fractured “friendship.”

Giamatti will move into Love & Mercy right after he wraps up shooting on Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, where he’s scheduled to terrorize Andrew Garfield’s masked hero as The Rhino.

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