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Even though he was famous years before he appeared in Magnolia, Tom Cruise has a lot to thank writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson for. Simply put, the filmmaker gave the actor one of the best roles of his life. Playing the alpha-male testosterone-fueled, daddy-issue-filled Frank T.J. Mackey, Cruise was able to both access his terrific charisma as well as he's stunning dramatic powers and the result got him an Academy Award nomination.

That said, it's not hard to understand why the two would butt heads over Anderson's new film. Titled The Master (you can watch the impressive trailer right HERE), the movie is based on the life of L. Ron Hubbard and the origins of Scientology. Cruise, of course, is one of the most famous Scientologists in the world. So what is Cruise going to say when he sees the finished product? Well, apparently that's already happened.

The Wrap, reporting out of the Cannes Film Festival, has learned from unnamed sources close to the film that Anderson extended a hand to Cruise and has already shown him an early cut of the movie. While not heavy on details about the reaction, apparently the actor did have issues with some of it. A spokesperson for Cruise had no comment about the situation.

Due out in October, The Master is about a war veteran who starts up a religious organization who brings a young drifter under his wing. The stellar cast includes Philip Seymour Hoffman (as the eponymous character). Joaquin Phoenix as the drifter, Amy Adams, Jesse Plemons, and Laura Dern. For more about the movie, head over to our Blend Film Database.

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