Peeta Reveals His Wedding Suit In New Hunger Games: Catching Fire Portrait

I'm not really sure how long they can keep up this pace of revealing two new "Capitol Couture" portraits every day, but us Hunger Games fans sure are enjoying it while it lasts. Capitol residents Effie Trinket, Caesar Flickerman and Cinna have shown off their finery, and Katniss has unveiled the wedding dress she wears to celebrate her fake wedding to Peeta. Now it's time for the groom to show his stuff, and while it's not as elaborate as Katniss's gown (obviously), Peeta's looking pretty sharp anyway:

In the book he's described as wearing a tuxedo, the kind of thing men in the Capitol would wear for a wedding (back home in District 12, no one's got the money for something fancy like a tux). This portrait, which premiered at Perez Hilton, isn't quite what you'd usually see on top of a wedding cake, but it goes well with Katniss's high-fashion but slightly futuristic gown. I'm not sure white is Josh Hutcherson's color, though, especially with that blond hair.

Peeta, like fellow tributes Johanna, Beetee and Katniss is holding a white rose, clearly a symbol of them being forced to participate in the games by President Snow (Donald Sutherland). Speaking of which, where is Snow's portrait? Or how about the tribute we're al most dying to see-- the handsome Finnick Odair, played by Sam Claflin? We can probably count on seeing another portrait later today, and maybe two more to round out the week?

We've been highly entertained by these slow-rolling portraits all week, but unfortunately, we've still got a whole lot longer to wait until The Hunger Games: Catching Fire finally comes to theaters on November 22. Maybe we'll see a new trailer soon to at least make that wait seem shorter?

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend