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Penn Badgley Becomes Jeff Buckley In Greetings From Tim Buckley Trailer

Jeff Buckley has a fascinating life story all his own, having recorded a single album that made him an alternative rock legend before his accidental drowning death at the age of 30. But he also spent that time living in the shadow of his father, musician Tim Buckley, and it's that strained father-son relationship that's at the center of Greetings From Tim Buckley, the first film about even a portion of Jeff Buckley's life.

It recounts a true event, when the younger Buckley was asked to perform at a tribute concert in memory of his father, who had died 16 years earlier in 1975. As you can tell from the trailer Jeff didn't have any particular relationship with his father, but his performance at the concert was widely seen as a springboard to his career, which began to take off following the 1993 recording of Grace.

Greetings From Tim Buckley doesn't look to be a wide-ranging take on the singer's ice, especially since the production didn't have the rights to his music. But by taking a few liberties with the past, adding in a pretty love interest (rising star Imogen Poots), and allowing Gossip Girl ingenue Penn Badgley a chance to get more serious in a leading role, it's garnered enough attention for itself regardless. Greetings from Tim Buckley premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last fall, and will be part of the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival before premiering in limited theaters throughout May. You'll also be able to catch it on VOD, and for more specific dates click here.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend