This Picture Of The Rock Is The Most Patriotic Thing You'll See Today

If you google "most American picture ever" you're going to wind up with this photo, of George Washington, holding a rocket launcher, riding an eagle who is carrying the American flag. But personally, I'd nominate the photo at the top of this post, which The Rock tweeted this morning with the following greeting:

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Here's what I, a person with pretty much no knowledge about the military, have been able to figure out. The AMC on the tail stands for "Air Mobility Command," which is a Major Command of the United States Air Force that provides pretty much everything you can imagine from highly specialized pilots and planes-- evacuations, aerial refueling for fighter jets, even emergency medical services. They don't command actual combat planes, so The Rock (the plane) isn't going to be flying into battle any time soon-- just doing all the heavy lifting to make sure that combat and everything else is actually possible.

And really, isn't that the best result for a plane named after The Rock anyway? The former wrestling star has carved out for himself a truly remarkable career over the last decade, establishing his reputation as a star who can be tough and brawny, but who is almost always fighting on the side of what's right. This year he's done it over and over again, flinging himself into trouble to save his son in Snitch, helping unite a team of abandoned soldiers in G.I. Joe, and helping clear the names of a bunch of outsider criminals-- and bringing down an even worse crook in the process-- in Fast and Furious 6.

Even in Pain & Gain, the movie in which he plays a coke-snorting kidnapper, The Rock is the guy with the purest heart of them all, trying to straighten up and fly right, get right with God and do a favor for his buddies. You know he's the kind of guy who would be pulling kittens down from trees and volunteering with the homeless if he had just found better friends, and that knowledge comes almost entirely from the Rock's star persona. He's a guy you're going to root for even when he's doing awful stuff. That's an incredibly powerful thing, and something The Rock has been able to take advantage of over and over again on his way to becoming a gigantic star.

We're pretty psyched around here about what a fantastic year The Rock has been having, and it's a shame that we're going into the rest of the summer movie season without one of his movies to look forward to. But as we take a moment to pause and give thanks to this great country of ours on Independence Day, take a moment to think about The Rock, our brawny, real-life superhero with soul. If any action movie star deserves to have a military plane named after them, it's this guy, right?

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