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I doubt anyone out there is expecting Piranha 3D to be the next Jaws, but that doesn’t mean paying some homage to the classic won’t be warmly welcomed. In fact, not only does this new poster image bear a resemblance to Jaws, but to the original Piranha artwork as well. As compared to the domestic poster, this French one-sheet (via Shock Till You Drop) actually suggests there are folks out there who are looking for something more than bloodthirsty Piranhas popping out at you in 3D.

While the studio is banking on the extra dimension to earn some big bucks, it’s this more thoughtful poster that’s enticing me to catch Piranha 3D when it hits theaters on August 27th, not the gimmick-selling domestic version. I better stop complaining and just deal with it because after the critical atrocity The Last Airbender earned an impressive $53 million at the box office, posters using 3D to sell a movie rather than doing so through more creative and visually pleasing images like these will be coming our way in massive doses. Take in the glory of this one while you can.

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