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Those of us who have been anticipating the sequel to the 2010 gore-fest that was Piranha 3D have less than a month to wait for Piranha 3DD to arrive in theaters. At this point, you may already be sold on the idea of seeing hungry fish devour young people in skimpy bathing suits, but if not, perhaps the allure of the Hoff will whet your appetite further.

While the 2010 Piranha was set at a lake, Piranha 3DD is set in a water park, which will somehow become overrun by hungry piranhas. Crave got the exclusive on this clip from the film, which doesn't so much as hint at water, but does feature David Hasselhoff as he demonstrates his musical talents, and evident way with the ladies. We had some issues embedding the video, so click the image below to view the video over at Crave.

Of course, he's not so great at keeping their names straight. What it lacks in fish and gore, the above clip makes up for in music and David Hasselhoff as "the Love Hunter." What do you think the Hoff's chances of surviving this movie are?

Those who want to see Hasselhoff in action should check out this trailer. Piranha 3DD arrives in theaters on June 1. And you can find even more informations, photos and videos in our Blend Film Database.

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