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The first official trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest is out… and Disney is finally letting us show it to you. It was actually floating around as a bootleg a couple of weeks ago, but any site that tried to host it or even linked to it was quickly hit with a sharply worded "Cease & Desist!" So we didn't even try it.

But now it's here, courtesy of Yahoo Movies, who they no doubt made an exclusive I'll scratch your back you scratch mine deal with, hence their consternation about it debuting anywhere else first.

To watch the trailer over at Yahoo in the annoying streaming format of your choice (downloadable HIGH RES Quicktime people! Nothing else is acceptable! Wake up Disney!) click here.

It's a solid teaser, a lot better than the ads that ran with the original Pirates of the Caribbean. With this one though, honestly, it doesn't matter how good the trailers are. Built in audience. People are going to be lining up in droves, probably sloshed out of their minds on rum. Well, I'll be sloshed out of my mind on rum anyway. My little way of celebrating Captain Jack Sparrow… or my way of coming up with an excuse to be drunk in public again. Depends on who you're talking to (my wife). Join me, won't you?

For more information on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, visit our preview database.

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