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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is definitely among the most anticipated films that will be released this year. It will surely make its mark on the summer blockbuster season when it drops May 20th and the promotion has already begun, including this new sneak peek found on the Pirates trilogy blu-ray rerelease.

Essentially a glorified trailer, this preview shows off a lot of characters and a lot of sword swinging, though not as much as trailers for previous films in the series. We get a reallu good look at what Ian McShane is bringing to the table as the notorious Blackbeard, whom producer Jerry Bruckheimer says is “one of the most evil characters we have ever given you,” and you get to see just how out of place the scarred and grimy Barbossa looks in his King’s navy regalia, which I suspect won’t last the entire film.

Of course there’s loads of action to be had and a few quick quotes from the men behind the camera, not to mention Captain Jack Sparrow personally inviting you to join his crew for his many misadventures. The preview only adds to the big fun this movie is shaping up to be and makes May 20th seem all that much closer. Scope out the clip below, and for more on the film-- including the new character banner we debuted today-- visit our Blend Film Database.

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