Is Pixar's Pizza Truck In The Incredibles Or Not? Here's What Brad Bird Says

Some of you may have already known this, but there is one particular element of The Incredibles that actually separates it from every other movie that Pixar has produced: it's the only one without a visible Pizza Planet truck. The food delivery vehicle first introduced in 1995's Toy Story has been an Easter Egg in every single movie the animation house has ever made in some form, but fans have spent years searching and failing to find one in Brad Bird's superhero flick. But is it actually in the film? It turns out that even the director doesn't actually know.

The Huffington Post caught up with Brad Bird recently, as the filmmaker is currently doing the press rounds promoting his new film Tomorrowland, and the site took the opportunity to ask him about the missing Pizza Planet truck in The Incredibles. Unfortunately, the filmmaker wasn't too much help in the matter, at first responding to the trivia with an "Oh really?" - but he had a pretty valid excuse for forgetting about the Easter Egg. He explained,

I don’t know. I was busy making the movie. I didn’t think about the Pizza Planet.

That may seem like a firm confirmation that the Pizza Planet truck didn't make its way into the movie, but the Ratatouille director's subsequent comment made the area just a touch more grey once again:

I would not be surprised if it was not in there and I would not be surprised if somebody got it in there when they were building the sets.

It should be noted that while no Pizza Planet truck is clearly visible in The Incredibles, there are some who think that think the folks at Pixar did sneak one of the yellow pickups into the film. Specifically, it's theorized by some that it can be seen while Frozone and Dash are teaming up in the final battle: (click on the image to see a bigger version)

Incredibles Pizza Planet

So this Pixar mystery lives on, and probably will until someone can find the specific animators that worked on this particular shot in The Incredibles and get them to confirm or deny. In the meantime, head over to Page Two to watch a fun video cataloging every Easter Egg in the animation studio's awesome history.

Eric Eisenberg
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